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Chuck attended George Washington High in Denver. He took Premed classes to prepare for college and to become a medical doctor. Chuck was an outstanding pole vaulter at GW. He won the Colorado state meet which brought the Colorado University coach to invite Chuck to attend CU and represent the school as a vaulter. Chuck went on to set all the Big Eight Vaulting records and won the NCAA division one competition in 1966. After four years at CU Chuck transferred to University of California in Santa Barbara. It was here were Chuck found the restaurant business with the Chart House company. Chuck fell in love with the business and after 10 years with the Chart House went on to open four restaurants of his own. After 15 years of this very challenging business Chuck sold and pursued another career at the age of 48. At the age of 34, Chuck got married to a wonderful lady who he is still married to. This year they celebrate their 44th anniversary! Wow, WHAT A JOURNEY MARIAGE AND CHILDREN PRESENTS!! Chuck states, “The most rewarding and challenging thing he ever did!” “Raising children in this culture is very difficult to do with the world trying to determine what hey believe.” So now onto my REAL ESTATE CARREER. I have been in the Real estate business for 20 oare in Morth County Can Minao MAhat a hoontifil plan to liun worle and enjoy!! I began with colawell banker in 1994. I stayed there for two years. I ten moved to RE/MAX By the sea in Carlsbad, CA. I averaged around twenty-five transactions each year! I received several awards from RE/MAX based upon production. I then helped three others brokers, I am a broker, open Keller Williams of Carlsbad, CA. We were and are a very successful brokerage. I sold my shares to the company. I then opened my own brokerage with a few sales agents under my watch. I decided I wanted to be with a big company so I joined PROFESSIONAL REALTY SERVICES INTERNATIONAL! This is the best Real Estate brokerage I have ever been associated with. They give all their agents the absolute best support I have ever seem in any brokerage. We are absolutely one of the best for listing and marketing properties for those who want to sell!! We have 150 agents just in our Carlsbad office. We work together and separately to give those wanting to purchase property and those wanting to sell property!We have the best tools to market property and give give great service and information. I am a gr Page te bif the REAL ESTAR INSTITUTE! Only 1% of the thalinitad Cinthe Kun comnlotod this voar inna real estate course.This Rel classes cover every aspect of our redl estate bustless. Fan house, cunes,legal issues and much more! I also have a certificate of completion on NEGOTIATING! This knowledge is CRITIACALLY important but NOTHING is more useful than my 30 years of experience!! Knowing WHAT to say and HOW to say and WHEN to say what you MUST say when discussing an ongoing transaction with another agent or broker IS CRITICAL IN WINING your way! So I continue on, as do all agents and brokers, as I adjust repeatedly as the real estate market changes as the winds of politics and legal challenges continue to come at us! From interest rates to supply and demand changes we MUST change and adapt with those up and downs and all arounds!! In the real estate business you learn that there is no substitute for KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE!! Chuck Rogers


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