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April 17, 2024

I have to rave about Chuck “Buck” Rogers real estate services. Chuck is the owner of an independent real estate company, Realty Consultants and Associates. I have bought and sold many homes over the years, in several different states. I have worked with many local and nationwide companies. I have to say, the freedom of working with an independent agent is amazing. Chuck was our agent when we bought our property and he was our selling agent 10 years later. Of all the many friendly agents I have worked with, I would say that Chuck true love of people and in their needs as people. He

continued to stay in touch over the almost ten years we owned our property, and he has become more than just a real estate broker to us.

Here is what I love about Chuck and Chuck’s service and real estate expertise:

Chuck was very honest and up front about the value of our property. We wanted the sale to happen at a fair market price and to be in escrow within 45 days. Chuck showed us the comps and explained a strategy on how to get the best price in a relatively short period of time. So we followed Chuck’s strategy on pricing. We had an accepted offer within 3 weeks of putting our condo on the market, during a time when the housing market was just coming out of a slump. Chuck negotiated hard for our price and to keep the repairs cost down. In addition, Chuck was extremely sensitive to the fact that I was in the midst of a divorce, and it was obvious that he respected the

“emotional” aspect of saying goodbye to a wonderful place and I mean it when I say, he went above and beyond to buffer repairs and inspection issues, cutting down on my trips back to the property.

Chuck kept us informed of all showings and the feedback from the agents who showed the property. We know who and what was going on at all times. One hears today about agents who do not keep the clients informed but Chuck and his assistant, Vanessa, kept us on top of it all before and during the escrow period. There was not a thing missed on all the documents needed for disclosures and escrow. Both Chuck and Vanessa were available each and every time I had a question, either by office phone, cell phone, email and text.

Chuck and his team, the Rogers Team, exceeded my exceptions from start to finish. When problems arose, and there were a few challenges with the condition of the property, Chuck was quick to respond with a solution, even when it meant showing up and going over to the property off hours himself to reassess. He saved us money and moved us forward to the closing smoothly and without a hitch!

Chuck and his team did an excellent job of marketing our property to other brokers and agents and to the many buyers they have in their database. Before one of Chuck’s buyers could come see the property we had it in escrow. The escrow was smooth and closed on time!

In conclusion, I absolutely and without hesitation recommend Chuck “Buck” Rogers and his team to anyone considering buying or selling residential property. Chuck has been in the real estate business for 24 years in North County San Diego. He has been an independent broker for 10 years!! In short, Chuck is head and shoulders above other agents and brokers we have worked with. His honestly and integrity shined through at every opportunity, and most of all he lightened an otherwise difficult time with making this sale quick and painless at the price I wanted!!!

Michele Fiorella
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April 17, 2024

I recently listed my home of 38 years with Chuck “Buck” Rogers. Chuck is a real estate broker (brokers are more experienced and more educated than licensed real estate sales agents) with a very large company Professional Realty Services International. Chuck “Buck” Rogers has been a resident of Old Carlsbad for 25 years. Chuck is very knowledgeable concerning real estate laws and procedures and the market value of homes in our community.

I would recommend Chuck for any real estate services and information you may want and need. Chuck is honest, knowledgeable and experienced to set a good price for your home and proactive to get buyers to view it.

I feel I should share my story when it came to pricing my home. I told Chuck that Zillow put my home at 1.7 million dollars value. Chuck though that was way too low as his research had suggested a value of around two million. Then Chuck said that given the current real estate market we price the home at 2.2 million. I said, “Do you not think that is too optimistic?” He responded by convincing me that would be our initial listing price. Then we will listen to the prospective buyers! He emphasized that there is currently low inventory of homes for sale, and even fewer properties comparable to mine. We entered the MLS at Chuck’s suggested price and a sign went up in the front yard. Within a few days we had a buyer who saw the sign and wrote a full price offer with great terms. Needless to say, I was very surprised and pleased:

Once we were in escrow all went very smoothly. Chuck watched over every step and facilitated solutions to every issue from termite repairs to a small mold issue. Chuck’s experience and recommendations saved my thousands of dollars. He’s my hero!

In short, I was and am very pleased with Chuck “Buck” Rogers for service and advice, and especially for key lime pies.

Betty Fitzpatrick
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April 17, 2024

To: Whom It May Concern

Subject: Letter of Recommendation; case of Chuck ROGERS, Realty Consultants and Associates, 1930 South Coast Highway, Suite 103, Oceanside, CA, 92054

My wife, Pat and I, listed our home of 39 years for sale with Chuck ROGERS. We had a limited time from the time our Florida home was available for remodel and ready for move-in.

Chuck quickly had our home in Vista listed for sale, a sign in our yard, a realtors ‘caravan’ visit, and a variety of ads on the internet. Additionally, Chuck personally held several open houses and provided us with signage and brochures to conduct our own open houses. Chuck’s wife, Diyan, helped us with the ‘staging’ of our home for the best presentation to prospective buyers.

Chuck was prompt with expert answers to our questions and concerns about the whole process from listing through closing. His fee was reasonable and his explanation of the other fees, costs and credits were clear, concise and comforting.

We had missed listing our home during the prime sales season. Despite this handicap, Chuck was positive, resourceful and dogged in his work ethic to sell our home.

Joe Rutkanker
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April 17, 2024

Dear Chuck,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You have done so much for us that it is difficult to know where to begin.

First, you encouraged us to purchase a single-family residence in Oceanside that was to be used as a rental property. Despite considerable trepidation on our part, you convinced us that it would be a tremendous investment.

It is now four years later and you were right. We were always able to more than break even with our rent. And you have just sold the house for us at nearly double its original price.

That is just the beginning. Because we were absentee landlords, you twice located excellent tenants and helped keep watch over the property.

It was in the selling process that you really excelled. From listing to close took only 60 days, and we were quite happy with the price you negotiated.

More than that, however, we are thankful for the many extraordinary steps you took on our behalf, Because we were absentee, you had to deal with a tenant who was unhappy to be leaving, arranged to have the termite inspection, the termite damage repaired, locks changed, the interior painted, and the rugs and house cleaned.

To top everything off, you personally negotiated with the title and escrow companies to reduce our estimated closing costs by more than $600.

Your assistant, Karen Graw, comes in for special thanks. She is extremely knowledgeable, organized and helpful. She was always on top of the sales and escrow process. Because we were not in Oceanside, the sale was particularly complex but she made the transaction go much smoother than we anticipated.

We would recommend you and your team to anyone buying or selling real estate in the North County. And we would utilize your services if we decide to buy in your area once again.

We wish you and your family every success and happiness in the coming years and we look forward to keeping in touch.

Warmest regards,

Greyz Paterson
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April 17, 2024

I am a home owner and a home buyer through Realty Consultants and Associates in Oceanside 760-433-3258. Chuck is a pro at marketing and is very professional. I decided to list my property in Carlsbad with him and he and Janet Moynihan got my property on the Caravan lists for realtors within the first week and an open house the following Sunday and sold the property in a week!

I pushed to list the property at a price point that was higher than the latest comp by $35K and ended up in escrow with highest sales price ever in Laguna Del Mar. The property appraised right at the final sales price. Great follow up and skill used to keep my repair list to a minimal.

Chuck has worked tirelessly to negotiate my counter offers on my new property that has to be a fixer upper and I am ecstatic to save about $30K off the original listing. He and Janet even scheduled professional contractors to do extra inspections to reassure me that the property was a sound investment.

Kudos to Chuck “Buck” Rogers and Janet Moynihan. I am happy to recommend their services.

Gail Palmar