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April 17, 2024

I am writing this letter on behalf of Chuck “Buck” Rogers Realty, Inc. Chuck Rogers is one of the best realtors in town and I will tell you why.

My husband and I purchased a home in Carlsbad with intentions of moving there from Fallbrook, after some serious thinking we decided to stay in Fallbrook and sell the Carlsbad house. The time was 2006 and the market was changing, we listed the house with a local agent who promised us big returns for our investment (they lied). After months and months on the market we changed to another realtor and then another all promising to sell the house for big bucks.

About a year ago I ran into Chuck at the house; he was showing it to an interested couple. I introduced myself and he shared some great ideas on listing and showing the house. I was skeptical at first because of our prior experiences with other realtors, but there was something about Chuck, he was different.

He did not make false promises; but told us right up front that in these times it would take a while to sell. He suggested listing the house at a price that would sell, he did not promise a big return, just a realistic approach. I liked his candor so my husband and I asked Chuck to be our realtor. I can honestly say that Chuck worked very hard to make it all happen. He was right, it took a while to sell, there were times when Ken and I were ready to walk away, but Chuck would not let us give up. His persistence paid off and we finally closed escrow this month.

Chuck is honest and dedicated; you don’t find that in most realtors today. I would highly recommend Chuck to anyone wanting to buy a home or sell their house.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Ben Youn Linda Sonce

Ken and Linda Yonce